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Our philosophy

We are all the same.​ We are all different.

Our philosophy is rooted in expat life around the world.

Living in different cultures is the best Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Training one could ever get, while consistently benefiting from its full value. Value, that comes through years of crossing cultural challenges, jumping over obstacles to take advantage of the key learnings and opportunities that emerge in the process.

We bring that value and decades of lessons-learned to the business world where diversity provides the greatest opportunity for growth through innovation, if it is genuinely incorporated in the organizational DNA. Work with us to incorporate the key principles of life abroad to your organization and bear the sweet fruits of success.

Our Founder


Tanya Kostova

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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Tanya KOstova

Founder, GloberWeb

Tanya's broad international experience of living and working around the world is what taught her first hand the invaluable role of diversity on organizational success.

Originally from Bulgaria, Tanya moved to the USA where she completed her undergraduate studies and earned her MBA in Operations and Marketing, setting her off on her corporate career in Analytics. Throughout her career, Tanya has led a number of diverse teams and has been able to work alongside leaders from various cultural backgrounds. Tanya has had the opportunity to live and gain experience in USA, China and Argentina while gathering invaluable insights from diplomatic life to apply within her area of expertise.

Tanya started GloberWeb as a passion project to help other expats adjust to life abroad, learn from the rich cultures they live in and take advantage of the opportunities. Now, GloberWeb is bringing the expat experience to your organization so you can too unleash the power of diversity in an authentic manner to drive innovation, hire and retain the best talent and improve collaboration across all of your teams, utilizing effective intercultural business strategies built over decades of experience.

Our approach

Our innovative approach helps you create and execute a holistic organizational strategy by applying a fresh perspective on Diversity and the path to Inclusion & Belonging, further leading to greater Innovation capabilities across all teams.

We developed SMART DNA on the base of solid academic research and years of real-life, hands-on experience across cultures.

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